The technical design aspect is committed to technical professionals which take charge the outfitting enquiry coming from customers, studying the feasibility in terms of construction in relation to the features of the vehicle, totally respecting the recommendation of the manufacturers and the approval current law rules. 

Design Team Tasks

  1.     . To define the outfitting project to be submitted to the validation of Manufacturers.
  2.       To check that the outfitting is in compliant with the initial project and respecting all the requirements.
  3.      To make sure that the components supplied by third parts respond to the quality standard, to the reliability and the security recommended by Manufacturers
  4.      To support the Customers both in phase of product definition and in phase of trial.





Mechanical department Production of bracket; metal framing division; CNC machines with numerical control and works on ELEVOX’s behalf and, furthermore, on behalf of third parties in the Automotive Industry

Carpentry Studies and realizes customized conversion accessories in wood and composite materials.

Assembly Installation of conversion items on the vehicle and functional testing activity.

Professionals in Problem Solving and Quality Control are present in each department

ELEVOX constantly verify its own design and production processes, in order to ensure the best efficiency and efficacy, by proving its Customers with the maximum quality Standard.

A check list of the operations to be effectuated is prepared for each outfitting. The operator is aware of the operations to be performed and of the ways of operating whereof he certifies the correct execution.

In case of problems, the Project Manager studies an proposes a solution to be evaluated and validated by the Project Team.

The Production Manager guarantees the regularity of the production process: the respect of the delivery time; the conformity of the Outfitting; the execution of functional tests to accomplish the closure of the job order.

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