Mobile Office

An office on the road, an office for each kind of road. Elevox presents its range of mobile offices which is incomparable in terms of breadth and versatility.
Our Range goes from Full size Mobile Offices (realised on Jumper, Boxer,  Ducato, Transit, Movano) to Medium size Mobile Offices (Trafic, Scudo, Jumpy, Expert, Tourneo Custom, Vivaro) up to Small size Mobile Offices (Kangoo, Doblò, Qubo, Combo, Dokker, Nemo, Tourneo Courier, Tourneo Connect) optimal to be used into little urban centers.
To these products we have dedicated our efforts in research, creativity in optimizing the available spaces, attention to the details, but especially that practical sense deriving from the continuous confrontation of ideas and suggestions coming from who spends the most of his work time on a Mobile Office.
Functionality and robustness are the fundamental requirements of our Outfitting.


In order to contact Elevox you may use the following information:
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  +39 (0)6 93.41.868
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  Via Nettunense 42 Km 8,500 00072 - Cecchina di Ariccia (RM)