Our Values

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      Integrity in working, interpersonal relationships and business.

      Respect of fairness principles, good faith and loyalty towards each individual we relate with and of the protection of the environment.

      Trasparence in business relationships, in order to fight corruption and avoiding relationships with those disrespectful of our Values.

      Excellence in constantly monitoring our production project aiming at fully satisfying the operative and security needs of our Customers, by ensuring Innovation and Quality.

    Shows the code of Ethics


    In order to contact Elevox you may use the following information:
      info (@) elevox.it
      +39 (0)6 93.41.868
      +39 (0)6 93.41.934
      Via Nettunense 42 Km 8,500 00072 - Cecchina di Ariccia (RM)