Privacy and Legal Notices

1. Functioning of the Website

At (“Website”), managed by Elevox S.r.l., the user may have access to the showcase for products branded Elevox, as well as to different additional services connected to the Outfitting world. In such way the Website User (“User”) by just accessing a single time has at his disposal the whole offer of “Elevox’s World”. 

2. Privacy policy

This Privacy Statement describes methods and purposes through which Elevox proceeds to the treatment of the personal data (“Personal Data”) of its Users. This Privacy Policy is provided to users pursuant and owing to Article 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/3 -  Personal Data protection code (“Privacy Code”), accessible to the link

This Privacy Policy is provided just for the website and for the treatment processed by Elevox and it can’t be extended to the treatment processed by other Websites owners which the User could browse through using links and in relation with Elevox refuses any responsibility.  

3. Owner of the Treatment

The Owner of the Treatment is Renata Calistroni – Sole Adiministrator of Elevox S.r.l. Company, based in Via Nettunense 42 - Km 8,500 - 00040 - Cecchina di Ariccia (RM), Italy

4. Method of the Personal Data Treatment

Personal Data are mostly treated through electronic, computerized and automated tools, just for the strictly necessary time duration to pursue the aims the data have been stored for. Elevox treats the Data by fully respecting law, adopting the suitable safety measurement aiming at preventing non-authorized, spreading, modification or non-authorized destruction of the data.

5. Treatment Purposes

User’s data will be treated for the following purposes: (i) Consultation of products, services and Elevox Offer; (ii) managing of the user requests (workshop, outfitting, dealers, questions, etc.); (iii) Subscription to the news notifications service; (iv) User’s prior consent for the forwarding of invitations to events of different kinds, sending of promotional and marketing material and  user satisfaction surveys both by automated methods (ex. Email, sms, fax) and non-automated (ex. Post, phone).

6. User's informed consent

With reference to the purposed stated at points (i), (ii) and (iii) of the previous paragraph, since it is a matter of services required by the User, the consent to the treatment is not necessary, because the Data are necessary to provide a feedback on the services required by the User. With particular reference to the point (iv), such consent will be required at the end of the relative form and it can be revoked whenever you want, also partly and in relation to specific channels/methods of communication. In particular, the consent to market purposes, as described above, is given by the User both for the automated sending methods and for those computerized will not affect the result or feedback of his requests, by sending only marketing material, communications, promotions or offer by Elevox.


7. Personal data subject to treatment 

7.1 Navigation Data

As all other Websites informatics systems, also that of Elevox Site acquires automatically, in the course of its normal running, some personal data whereof the transmission is implied in the use of internet communication protocols. It  concerns information as the IP address belonging to the computers used by users connecting to the Website, URI Addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, time of request, method used to submit the request to the server, file dimension obtained as response, numerical code indicating the server response status (successful, error, etc..) and other parameters related to the operating system and the users. Such information are not connected to identifiable individuals and constitute anonymous data. These data are used for the exclusive purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information regarding websites usage and to monitor correct websites functioning, and they are erased immediately after processing. The data in question could be used by competent authorities to determine responsibility in the event of computer crimes to the detriment of the web site. 


7.2 Data voluntarily supplied by the User

The Data supplied in the services request form will be used with the sole purpose indicated in each page (contact us) – only after having received the consent of the Users – to contact the User with the aim of sending marketing material or invitations to promotions and events or information material concerning the new collections or our offers. For this latter we might use the references of the supplied contacts (i.e. e-mail, phone number, etc.) using them both through automated methods (i.e. e-mail, fax, sms, etc.) or non-automated (i.e. post and phone). Nonetheless you have the right of refusing the treatment of your personal data – even partly – for the marketing purposes by writing at the following address: Elevox S.r.l. Via Nettunense 42 Km 8,500 00040 - Cecchina di Ariccia (RM) or at the following  link.Generally, in the forms you find on the website are demanded also many information non strictly necessary for the specific initiatives and activities but which could be useful for the Owner to make possible a closer contact with the single user; these information are facultative and not marked with the asterisk [*] (the same symbol that instead marks the necessary information for the purposes of the execution of the services required by the Users); consequently their missing supply will not preclude the response of the request or the execution of the required service. 

8. Security

The Website is provided with suitable precautions in terms of physical logics and organizations, able to protect the treated personal data against accidental or intentional manipulations, their loss or destruction or against the spread or non-authorised access. Elevox will keep on maintaining and improving these measurements in the course of time, according to the legal and technological developments.     

9. Rights of the data subject 

At any time, each User may exercise his rights following the Article 7 of the Privacy Code, in order for instance to obtain the confirmation of the real existence of these rights, to know their origins and content, to update them and to obtain their erasure,  to refuse the treatment of his personal data – even partly – for the marketing purposes described above by writing at the following address: Elevox S.r.l. Via Nettunense 42 Km 8,500 00040 - Cecchina di Ariccia (RM) or at the following  link.


Terms and conditions to the access to Elevox S.r.l.’s Website 

The following Website (the Website) is managed by Elevox S.r.l., based in ViaNettunense 42 Km 8,500 00040 - Cecchina di Ariccia (RM).

The information contained in the Website concern the products commercialized by Elevox and are as exhaustive and pertinent as possible. Nonetheless, we reserve the right to change in each moment colours, materials, equipments, specifications, models and availability of such products. Some of the links appearing in the Website could refer to Website provided by third parts. The information contained in such Websites are Owners’  Responsibility.

1. Intellectual Property

All the contents of the Website belong to Elevox as intellectual property. Such materials can’t be copied or reproduced, except within the necessary limits of what is needed for their online visualization. It is permitted to print the pages of the Website for personal usage only by respecting the following conditions:

(a) It is not permitted to change documents or related diagrams in the Website;
(b) It is not permitted to employ the diagrams without references to the corresponding text;
(c) It is mandatory that the commercial brand of Elevox or other notes are visible on all the copies.

It is forbidden every use of parts extracted from the Website, no matter to which purpose, in case this use differs from the aforesaid conditions. The contents of the Website have been carefully evaluated and tested during all the steps of production.


2. Links to the Website

In case you are intentioned to make available a link to the Website, you must previously obtain a written authorization by Elevox. The link has to connect to the Elevox Homepage.

3. Access to the services

Although Elevox tries its best to ensure the 24h availability of the Website, it can’t be considered responsible in the case, due to any reason whatsoever, the Website were not available in a certain moment or for a certain period of time. The access to the Website can be temporarily suspended in a specific moment without any previous notice in the case of a fault of the system, or for maintenance or repairing activities, or for reasons in spite of the reasonable control of Elevox.


4. Data protection

We will collect your data and personal data, after your registration in our on line forms, in relation with the purposes you made the subscription for (request for information, services, receipt of promotional material, etc.). If you contact us we can keep track of the occurred correspondence.

Furthermore, we could invite you to fill in our online questionnaires which will be used to market research purposes.

Elevox respects the privacy of the personal data belonging to users visiting the Website in compliance with the norms foreseen by the Legislative Decree of 30th June 2003, no. 196 (see Privacy Notice).


5. Materials and conduct of the Visitors

Beyond the personal data, which will be managed according to the norms regulating the Privacy Law, the material transmitted or posted through the Website will be considered as not reserved or belonging to someone. Elevox is not obliged in any guise towards this material. Elevox and its designated subjects might freely copy, divulgate, spread, insert and in other ways employ this material and data, imagines, sounds, texts and other elements in this material contained for any purposes.

the visitors are strictly forbidden to transmit or post through the Website any material which can be considered:

(a) threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, anti-racial, discriminatory, threatening, scandalous, instigating, blasphemous, violating confidentiality and privacy, or that could create disturbances or discomforts; or
(b) in respect of which you did not receive all the necessary licences and/or authorisations; or
(c) which constitute or instigate a conduct considerable as an offence potentially generating a civil responsibility, or that is contrary to the law or violates the rights of third parts in every country of the world, or
(d) which is technically harmful (including, for the purposes only by way of example and not limited, informatics virus, logic bombs, “Trojan horse”, worm, harmful components, altered data, or other malicious software or harmful data).

Furthermore, in no way you are permitted to improperly use the Website, including, for the purposes only by way of example and not limited, carrying out hacker-actions. Elevox will fully cooperate with judicial authorities and courts which could require or command to Elevox to disclose the identity, or to locate whoever posts material violating this paragraph and/or the related norm in force.

6. Accuracy of the information

The information reported on the Website are addressed to the Customers of Elevox in Italy and might lose their validity in other countries. Elevox will try its best to ensure that the content of the Website is accurate and updated.

However, the products reported on the Website might differ from the most recent versions. Some of the described or reported equipment might be available only in specific countries, or only by charging extra costs. Upon order we advice to always check with your Elevox’s distributor the real specifications of the products and/or whatsoever feature of the vehicle specifically needed. Elevox reserves the right of modifying the products specifications, whenever it is considered necessary, without any responsibility at its charge.  

7. Responsabilità

Elevox and its respective officers, administrators, employers or agents refuse any kind of responsibilities for any prejudice or damages that could result at your charge or to the one of third parts (including, for the purposes only by way of example and not limited, direct, indirect or punitive damages, that is profit loss, loss of income, data, contracts, that is loss or damages derived from or related to an interruption of the activities in whatever way, and in the case of an offence, (including, for the purposes only by way of example and not limited, negligence, contract o otherwise), from website, that is from the use or the incapacity of use of the Website, of any other Website related to the Website or of the material in it contained, for the purposes only by way of example and not limited, loss or damaged caused by virus which could infect your computer and the related equipments, software, data, or the good after the access to the Website, use or navigation, or after having downloaded material from the Website or from the linked Website. No disposition under these conditions shall exclude the responsibility of Elevox for:

(a) death or personal injury caused by Elevox;

(b) an offence or a  fraudulent misrepresentationun;

(c) any responsibility which can’t be excluded o limited under the applicable

8. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any dispute that could arise in relation with this Website, shall be under the competence of the Court of Rome and the Italian Law will be the one applied.



In order to contact Elevox you may use the following information:
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  +39 (0)6 93.41.868
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  Via Nettunense 42 Km 8,500 00072 - Cecchina di Ariccia (RM)